There’s no question about it: Food brings people together.
We love seeing couples sharing a meal at Kelly Jae’s Cafe, whether they are on their first date or celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.
One of our loyal customers recently shared how Kelly Jae’s Cafe has played a big part in her relationship:
This restaurant is where I fell in love with my husband. Also the place he proposed to me with my best friend and mother present.
As time passes, we find moments that we begin to drift a part … this restaurant was the glue to our foundation for the first couple of years of our relationship.
Thank you ❤️
We like to think that Kelly Jae’s Cafe offers more romance than your typical restaurant because of our specialty: Tapas with a flair. The tapas style of dining means sharing multiple plates of food with perfectly paired drinks and lively conversation.
But don’t take our word for it.
Science backs us up: Snagging a bite from your date’s plate can help you fall in love. Researchers from Columbia University found that sharing food that has already had physical contact with someone else increases the appearance of intimacy between couples from 74 percent to 90 percent.
Think about it: As a relationship progresses, you start sharing more in your life. Maybe you start by sharing a blanket while watching a movie and then you start sharing your hopes and dreams for your future.
Why not share good food at Kelly Jae’s Cafe?
Reservations are still available for Valentine’s Day – but they’re going quick. To make a reservation, call 574-537-1027 or text 260-267-5523.